Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Corey Johnson is an honors student at New Brighton Area High School in Colorado.

He's also in danger of being kicked out of school. For good. KDKA has the story:
At an all-school assembly, a motivational speaker told Corey Johnson he looks like Osama Bin Laden.

Johnson says he was teased about it for two straight days, and finally snapped, saying if he were Osama he'd have pulled a "Columbine" -- referring to a deadly school shooting at Columbine High School.

A teacher overheard the and the school expelled him.

Johnson may not graduate in June and he was forbidden from attending the prom.

The school board will make the final decision on whether Johnson will be kicked out of school for good.

The school does have a zero tolerance-policy.
The motivational speaker ought to be slapped. The kid doesn't look anything like Osama.


Anonymous said...

This is why zero tolerance is the most un-American invertion ever, in all sences of the phrase. G.W. loves the policy.

Anonymous said...

Zero tolerance is a pathetic excuse not to use our brains to distinguish and reason -- it's the ultimate laziness,and it sets a horrible example for children.

Moreover, it's hypocritical. No adult I know practices zero tolerance on himself or is subjected to it in the workplace.

Anonymous said...

Notice the state on the website's map did anyone?
Supposed to be the shape of Colorado is it?
If so, shave it needs.
And no, the kid does not have the appearance of Osama.
What a tool that speaker is.

Anonymous said...

Zero tolerance, political correctedness, sensitivity training, sexual harassment training, hate-crime laws... Orwell's spirit is thrashing about, wishing it could say "I warned you silly buggers..."

Meanwhile, a rep from the New Black Panthers gets away w/using the phrase "white boys" - double standard, and nobody dares call him on HIS racism. Being a racist is ugly no matter *who* is espousing it. He's no better than the three-named freak down in Aurora.