Thursday, May 18, 2006


For the love of Richard Simmons, this is stupid. The Associated Press reports on the madness in Penn Hills, Pa.:
Parents and at least one school board member said they believe an elementary school in Pennsylvania overreacted when it suspended 14 students earlier this month for mixing sugar and Kool-Aid crystals and calling it "Happy Crack."

Officials in the Penn Hills School District said the kids were suspended for imitating drug activity.

The students put the mixture in plastic bags and labeled it "Happy Crack."

But some parents said they don't think that should have gotten the students suspended from Shenandoah Elementary School.

School Board Member Erin Vecchio told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that she agreed with the parents.

"My own kids used to make it at school. It's Kool-Aid and sugar," Vecchio told the newspaper. "It's colored. It doesn't look like drugs. It looks like Pixy Stix. I didn't find anything wrong with it."

The principal and school superintendent haven't commented on the incident.
Those with candy cigarettes will be executed at recess.


sandy madison said...

And I thought the only problem was with those damned bubble-gum cigars. God only knows what's in those wax soda bottles!

Anonymous said...

It's all fun and games until you see a six year old strung out on chalk dust smoking pencil shavings just to make it thru afternoon recess

The Libertarian Guy said...

Thank God for "zero tolerance" policies...

Fat Jack said...

For the love of Richard Simmons! LOL.
I remember buying candy cigarettes when I was a kid.

We've suspended kindergartners for kissing, so this really doens't surprise me. Idiots are run amok.