Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The Source, a right-leaning political blog, reports Thursday that a cousin of Sen. Kit Bond (R-Mo.) will become the next U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri.

According to The Source:
The process of nomination to the position of U.S. Attorney is not very complicated. Typically the state’s senior Senator submits a nomination to the White House for approval. If there is no Republican senior Senator then that state’s Congressional delegation meets and submits a nomination. The nomination of the senior Senator/Congressional delegation is typically, after background checks and thorough legal review, submitted by the White House to the U.S. Senate for confirmation. This process of nomination is tradition and for the first time since Kit Bond has been a Senator, the path has deviated.

For the first time the senior Senator submitted a slate of nominees. On that slate were State Representative Bryan Stevenson (R-Webb City), attorney John Applequist, and Judge Jay Dougherty. Missing from that slate was John Wood. For the first time in Bond’s time as the senior Senator, the Department of Justice submitted a "special" nomination. Who was that nominee? You guessed right, it was none other than the senior Senator’s cousin, John Wood.
Wood is also chief of staff for the Department of Homeland Security.

Applequist has been a good soldier for the GOP. Greene County Prosecutor Darrell Moore -- another loyal Republican -- wanted the job, too. But what's loyalty when blood is involved?


Anonymous said...

It's Appelquist, not Applequist. And it'll be a shame if he fails to get the job.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon ... John is a fine guy even considering his party affiliations. So are his sisters and his late father fine people. He would be an excellent choice ...

So would Sam Jones who was in the running the first time around, but took a job as the regional administrator for the SBA.

Anonymous said...

Darrell Moore may lust for the job, but he's never had a serious chance. Party insiders are nervous about a skeleton in his closet that traces back to some cruising episodes at Phelps Grove Park. Cops have the paper trail and have been holding it over his head for years. Darrell also has the personality of a fence post, which may work in the GC Prosecutor's office (many would say it doesn't,) but it would be disasterous for the role he'd have to fill with the feds.

Don't assume that Wood is a shoo-in for the position. Smart money right now is on Appelquist or Dougherty. The headline "LOCALS FAIL TO GRAB U.S. ATTY SLOT" may read like "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN."