Thursday, May 04, 2006


But a woman? She has to be a bitch.

So appears to be the belief of John Podhoretz, a well-known conservative writer and author of a new book, Can She Be Stopped.

"She" is Hillary Clinton, and it's clear the GOP is afraid of her.

In his book, Podhoretz claims a woman president has "to be a bitch" to deal with tyrants. "And Hillary is a bitch."

A man, of course, can be tough, wily, strong, firm, tenacious, resolute. But a tough woman? John Podhoretz wouldn't know one if she kicked his sexist ass.


Anonymous said...

Well, it's not like she's a warm, huggable human being... ;)

McCain v. Rodham: The year more voters go "aw, hell... I've got nothing to choose here", than ever before.

Anonymous said...

Sexists/misogynists have had their radar out for Hillary since Clinton was elected. Harkens back to VP candidate Geraldine Ferraro when Daddy Bush debated her and bragged that he kicked her butt. Ferraro was criticized in some circles for coming across as aggressive, but it also sparked discussions about women who hold high positions-corporate, politics etc who felt pushed to overcompensate (the popular description of the time)for the fact that they weren't men. Aggressive, overbearing men tended to get the more flattering labels as Ron discussed, while women with similar characteristics were described as bitches or at best feisty (my fave), descriptions that are exclusive to women in the English language.

Not a whole lot has changed over the decades. People voted in a "warm" fun loving frat boy in the last presidential election and look what we got. I don't want a president I can hug for Christ's sake. But I won't vote for Hillary either because she's a self-serving Democrat who is not an anti-war candidate.

Feingold or Nadar gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

Two strikes against Mrs. Clinton:

1. The "we are the president" statement. No, BILL was; "we" can't be "a" president.

2. The "we're going to take things away from you for the common good" statement. Good God, just come out and say what you really mean by that, madam.

BTW, I don't think it's solely the "sexist/misogynist" bunch who have gunned for her... you don't have to be either, necessarily, to have negative opinions on Miz Rodham, as she does a dandy job of polarizing people all on her own.

It'd be more interesting to watch the racist goons wail and cry if Condi runs... "Oh, Lordy, a negress! Where's mah rifle, Sis? An' tell our kids to be quiet and finish sewin' their robes..."

Anonymous said...

Anyone get the strange feeling that its going to be a Hilary/Newt ticket?

Anonymous said...

Unless Clint Eastwood is the Republican nominee, I'll not waste my vote on the Brand X parties' prez candidates.

Especially since they keep third-party candidates out of the debates.

But it'll still be a fun train wreck of a campaign season, come 2008...

Anonymous said...

Newt?? where'd that come from?