Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Not Tony -- not yet -- but John Snow, the treasury secretary. His resignation was announced early Tuesday. His replacement, according to The Associated Press, is Goldman Sachs Chairman Henry M. Paulson Jr.

Other Tuesday news:

•A three-armed baby in Shanghai may have surgery, depriving the world of a helluva juggling act. The boy, Jie-Jie, also has but one kidney.

•If it's a dog's life, it must suck. In New York, a five-month-old cockapoo died after its owner left it in the car while she went to catch a movie. Laurie Balcerak, 49, of Hemlock, N.Y., is the selfish suspect. Cops say a truck driver heard the dog barking and called 911. But the temperature was 92 degrees on Monday. We can only hope that Balcerak isn't a mom.

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Some say I've got a third leg, heh-heh