Thursday, May 04, 2006


The storms alone weren't that bad, and brought much-needed rain to the Ozarks. The tornado sirens wailed -- the worst storms hit north of Springfield, around Ash Grove -- and lightning zipped around the sky, but no big.

Except for the power, which went out last night before 9 p.m. and stayed off for several hours. As one media outlet put it, "storm-related technical problems" prevented further posting last night, and we're only now back online. Sorry for the delay. At least your daily CHATTER isn't sitting in a puddle of water in the driveway.


Larry Litle said...

We are glad that you are back up and going.

A.McSholty said...

Are you attempting to say a certain media outlet in this town is "all wet?"


Richard Davis said...

Hey bro,

Glad you're safe and sound...we had those same storms and rain Tuesday PM and yesterday morning and wound up with about 2 inches or more. Rivers and lakes are up, and the farmers fields are underwater. So much for the so-called "drought" the NWS has been telling us about.

Liked the "piece" about King Tut. Poor guy.

Anonymous said...

Fields can be soaked to the point of flooding, and yet that doesn't necessarily mean that a "so-called drought" has been broken.

John Stone said...

You should have been in an open air tent at hOOters watching a bikini contest. I wouldn't have cared if a Force 5 came thru ... I wouldn't have left. Photos up on my flickr page ... for everyone except the Libby-guy. Too much excitement.

The Libertarian Guy said...

Um, John? I can handle excitement, thankee very much.

BTW, nice pics, dude. I need a shower. ;)