Monday, June 19, 2006


KY-3 reporter David Catanese interviewed Norma Champion about a proposed special session for the Missouri General Assembly. The session would reinstate Medicaid for many disabled citizens.

The 73-year-old Champion stumbled and fumbled and proved once again that she's unable to handle the job.

Catanese writes at the KY-3 political blog:
"I want to give it a little thought," Champion told me today. "The leadership is looking into it, so we need to wait and see how practical it would be to do."

Last week Democrats promised to begin circling a petition among lawmakers to call a special session without the Governor's approval. They would need to get signatures from 75 percent of members of both the House and the Senate to do it.

"I don't know if you can do it by petition alone," Champion said, expressing concerns about the procedure. "If we do it every time a bill doesn't pass, we may set a precedent we may not want."

But when pressed on whether she would sign the petition, Champion said, "I'm not ready to say I'll sign it. I'm not ready to say I won't sign it either."

Champion says the MAWD program is very important but isn't sure a special session is worth it. She says there may be some advantage in waiting until 2007 to craft an all-encompassing Medicaid reform package that deals with fraud as well.

Champion said she wants to let the G.O.P leadership do their job and "check into it." "If leadership supports it, I'd be inclined to support it."
Does this person EVER think for herself? Talk about a slave of her party.


Anonymous said...

Lemme get my head around this one. Disabled people might have to wait until next year to get their Medicaid again, JUST BECAUSE NORMA CHAMPION THINKS IT'S NOT IMPORTANT ENOUGH FOR A SPECIAL SESSION?

You're being too nice to call her a "person."

Skinny said...

Hey Norma, if the leadership told you to jump in a lake, would you do it? Please???

Springfield Watcher said...

How many hands does Norma have? Seems like she needs at least five. On the one hand. . . on the other hand. . .on the other hand....

Anonymous said...

"If leadership supports it, I'd be inclined to support it."

Meaning: If leadership doesn't support it, I won't, either, because I don't have any backbone.

NO opinion on stem-cell research.

NO opinion on a special session to help people with disabilities.

NO opinion on anything that's important to Missouri voters.

Vote NO on Norma.

Anonymous said...

Bob Dixon too stated he had "no opinion" on a special session. Not exactly a deft dodge there, Bob.