Sunday, June 25, 2006


Some House Republicans planned to hit Kansas City, St. Louis and Springfield on Monday to talk-up a plan that would tackle the thorny issue of fee offices, the place where you get your license. Gov. Matt Blunt privatized several formerly state-run offices and awarded management contracts to his favorite contributors and fundraisers.

The FBI is reportedly investigating. Waves of stink worry House Republicans who -- unlike Blunt -- are up for reelection in November.

The Monday news conference in Springfield was supposed to be at the Library Station on North Kansas Expressway. The House members were supposed to issue a plan calling for reform of the fee offices.

But KYTV reports that Blunt scrubbed the flyaround and "requested opening negotiations with the members about their plan." Politspeak for "keep your mouth shut and don't make waves."

The station reports on its political blog that Springfield's senator had no idea what was going on:
[W]hen asked for her opinion on reforming the way fee offices are run, Sen. Norma Champion said she couldn't comment on something she didn't know about.

"I didn't know there was a flyaround," Champion said. "You're catching me on something I've not been a part of."
Reporter Dave Catanese had already interviewed Champion's opponent, Doug Harpool, on his plan to reform the fee offices. Catanese asked Champion about the fee offices. Her reply:
"I don't have a plan," Champion added. "That's fine if he has a plan but I don't have a plan to do that."

When I requested an on-camera interview for a story I plan to air Monday night on KY3 News at 10, Champion replied, "No thank-you. I'm not going to let him (Harpool) define the agenda."
Without a plan, she has no choice. She is no choice.


Anonymous said...

How could someone who has been in the General Assembly for fourteen years not know about the controversy surrounding fee agent offices?

The Republican leadership must be behind in telling her what she thinks on the issue.

In earlier post on the KY blog she said she was waiting to hear from the Republican leadership before deciding whether she supported reinstating the Disabled Worker program during speical session. Haven't heard their (er) her position on that issue

The Senate leadership is behind in telling her what she believes. They must be waiting for the lobbyists to get back from summer vacation.

Anonymous said...

This is scary because the Senate voted on legislation to reform the fee agent system in May and Champion voted against it.

If she didn't know about the issue how did she decide to vote on the legislation?

Doesn't sound like Springfield had much to say in that debate.