Monday, June 26, 2006


A new St. Louis Post-Dispatch poll focuses on the U.S. Senate race between Jim Talent and Claire McCaskill. But the poll also reveals several interesting factoids about southwest Missouri.

The Research 2000 Missouri Poll interviewed 150 southwest Missourians for its statewide sample of 800. Among the questions, and the Ozarks responses:

•Local lawmaker Mark Wright is in next-to-last place in his bid for auditor, with backing from just 8 percent of southwest Missourians polled.

•McCaskill has support from 36 percent of southwest Missourians. Talent draws support from 53 percent of those polled.

•The Ozarks remains nominally opposed to a stem-cell research initiative -- 44 percent support it, while 51 percent oppose it.

•When it comes to the minimum wage, Ozarkers want more. The poll shows 52 percent of southwest Missourians support a higher minimum wage. Only 29 percent of those polled were opposed to a wage hike.

All the results can be found here. Happy number crunching.


Anonymous said...

Mark Wright has tended, in my opinion, to be one of those that resorts to name calling and swift-boat tactics. Much like what Larry over at Simple Thoughts is talking about in a recent blog. I have personally witnessed him verbally attacking an opponent in a public setting. That was very disturbing.

I suspect that some in Missouri view McCaskill in much the same way. She is not nearly as abrasive as Wright, but I think she is put in a similar category.

Thanks for the numbers.

Anonymous said...

Good point fatty. I find it a shame that MO Dems have no better alternative to Talent than McCaskill. While she may be the right candidate in the race she is not appealing to the broad swath. Too much tit fo tat over the last couple of years. Of course she is better by far than both Talent and the boy who would be govenor put together.

Anonymous said...

I've always thought Mark Wright looks like he's about 12. The photo on his Missouri House web page reinforces that view and adds his pout.

Anonymous said...

I could be dreamin' but I thought I read something several years ago that made me think Roy Blunt might be grooming Wright for something. Then Wright indicated he wanted to oppose Champion during the next primary-right? Then I read his campaign was having financial problems, he puts in his bid for Auditor and now he's all but washed up. He'll be back to working for those bums at Christian (??) Health Care where they give average care to the elderly, at best until he loses his political clout and it's no longer advantageous to have him on the payroll.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to go into why it's a bad idea for gov't to force employers to pay X amount, but I don't have room to list all the reasons why it's a bad idea. ;)

I'd be all for making Congresscritters give up THEIR annual self-granted wage increase, though... put it up to a vote of the people.

Anonymous said...

Wright is also going around saying that the medicaid cuts went too far.

didn't he vote for those cuts?

Where was he then?

Anonymous said...

We should cut Medicaid... specifically, America's addiction to it.

Anonymous said...

obviously you're fortunate enough to have a job with good health insurance or maybe you earn more than minimum wage and can afford to pay on your own...

Anonymous said...

Me? No. I don't make much more than minimum, right now, and I don't have health insurance.

And I still think it's sad that we've created a society that believes government can take care of them. It's not their job.