Friday, June 30, 2006


A new probe, announced Friday by the military. From The Associated Press:
Five U.S. Army soldiers are being investigated for allegedly raping a young woman, then killing her and three members of her family in Iraq, the U.S. military said Friday.

The soldiers also allegedly burned the body of the woman they are accused of raping.

Maj. Gen. James D. Thurman, commander of coalition troops in Baghdad, had ordered a criminal investigation into the alleged killing of a family of four in Mahmoudiya, south of Baghdad, the U.S. command said. It did not elaborate.

"The entire investigation will encompass everything that could have happened that evening. We're not releasing any specifics of an ongoing investigation," said military spokesman Maj. Todd Breasseale.

"There is no indication what led soldiers to this home. The investigation just cracked open. We're just beginning to dig into the details."
Hope it's not true. Worry that it is.


The Newtster said...

Oh, god. Here we go again.

"According to the Associated Press" And we're off to the races.

Worry that it is? Hey, how about innocent until prooven guilty. Ring a bell?

You lefties are soooo quick to land on the side of the enemy over our own soldiers. And if you think I'm wrong on this, I give you Jack Murtha. In his own words, the Marines in Haditha....before the investigation began, mind you.....said our Marines murdered in cold blood.
Don't tell me he didn't say it. I saw it.

How about rootin' for the home team for a change?

notafinga said...

Damn that Major General James D, Thruman
and his left wing coalition troops. Why would he order this investigation if not to further the liberal agenda of the US Army. Everyone knows the Army is just a tool of Howard Dean. This is a sham. I bet you that murdered family are all Democratic operatives.

Ron Davis said...

Notafinga: Not just Dem operatives -- card-carrying ACLU members, too.

The Newtster said...

Come on you two, if the military were left-wing democrats they'd be fighting this war from their Lazy Boys in Ontario.

Granny Geek said...

Huh? ACLU members? Let me go check the list....

Larry Litle said...

I think I like Newtster. Ron, that means you have at least 3 conservatives reading your blog with Newtster, Duane, and me. Wow, conservatives and progressives able to read and same blog and have civil disagreeing discussions. Don't let DocLarry know or he might blog on it.

I also hope the reports are wrong. If they did kill these innocent civilians, then they should pay the consciences. I will keep praying for these soldiers, the soldiers’ families, and the families of the victims. They are innocent until proven guilty and I hope they are not really guilty.

John Stone said...

Murder??? Ah, that's no big deal. It's my boys in the hood that done it. My leader told me we are at war. And in war anything goes. Ask my buddy Atilla.

What would send them to prison is a real crime, like teaching evilution.

Murder? What's all the fuss. They are now a democratic country. Look at all those purple fingers waving in the air at you. (Well, at least the finger next door to the purple one ...

I say turn them over to the Iraquies for trial and punishment.

notafinga said...

Oh way to go. Now our little buddy Newtsnuts will pop a vein over foreign courts.

MrsThurstonHowell said...

Newtsome: "How about rootin' for the home team for a change?"

The problem with people like Newtsome is that at some really creepy level, they wrongly romanticize the military, all wars and even the American flag (re previous posts). The Dubya administration and mainstream media have done a fine job of innundating us with that kind of perverse propaganda, however Reagan always wins the prize.

Your words say volumes about your ilk, Newtsome.

DocLarry said...

I'm still trying to figure out how FigBoy "saw" Murtha say something. Are Murtha's words visible as he speaks them? I always thought one HEARD people say things.

The Newtster said...

doclarry, when I said I saw Murtha speak, it meant like, I saw him on TV? Duh! And by the way, you might see more yourself if you'd remove those glasses. And what's with the "FigBoy" reference?

MrsThurstonHowell said...

You're darned tootin'
We're not rootin'
For a Fig Newton!

(not exactly Yoda verse-more like the Keebler Elves)

The Newtster said...

Oh, come on. You'd do it for Randolph Scott.

The Libertarian Guy said...

Is Murtha going to convict these troops, too? Hell, let's put HIM in charge of all military courts-martial. "You're guilty! Off to Leavenworth for you!"


But if they *are* guilty, as in "found guilty in a court of law"... throw 'em away. Seriously.

The Newtster said...

Amen. Maybe Murtha would like to press some plates in Leavenworth?