Thursday, July 13, 2006


Dunno how long the link will last, but here's the story, in its entirety:
This is thebody text in paragraph one here.

This is the body textin paragraph two here.

This is the body text in paragraph three here.
Best of Gannett, or potential Pulitzer? You decide.


Anonymous said...

My ass is cracking up. The story is gone.

Anonymous said...

What is the story? Author?
Who? what? where? when? why? how?

Anonymous said...

Man, those sonsabitches at the Department of Homeland Security can really reach out and touch people, can't they?

Anonymous said...

help! was it in the print editon? which story was it? more info!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Fat Jack: What is with your ass always cracking? Should you have it checked out?
By the by, What does it mean to have ones ass crack-aside from the original crack that is?