Thursday, July 27, 2006


Steve Koehler at the News-Leader has the follow-up to the speculation:
Ken McClure has been named the new associate vice president for administrative services at Missouri State University.

He will begin his new duties Aug. 28. He replaces Fred Marty, who retired in March and will be paid $95,000 a year.

McClure resigned today as chief of staff for Gov. Matt Blunt, a position he has held since Blunt took office in January 2005.

McClure also headed Blunt’s transition team from November 2004 through January 2005.

He was not available for comment.

"There was a terrific match between Ken McClure’s skills and experience and the requirements of this position," Missouri State President Mike Nietzel said in a university release.

"And besides, Ken is coming home – he maintained his residence in Springfield even while he commuted and worked in Jefferson City."
Some might think it's a brilliant move by Nietzel, bringing in someone thisclose to the governor. We think the last thing Missouri State University needs is a polarizing, politicizing veep.


Anonymous said...

McClure keeps right on suckling at the public teat. What a waste of perfectly good office space.

Anonymous said...

Also he is not even qualified for the position. The internal canidate has 20 years experience. This is clearly a political appt and a Thank you for the Name Change. It's unfortunate, this very important position is filled by an indivudual with little experience in the area... This is a big mistake.

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing that the University has gone in such a partisan direction. The university now will have to be very carefully watched. Anyone who knows McClure knows that he will use his position for partisan pursposes at every possible opportuinity. He has in every other postion he has ever held. What is worse he is one of those who will loudly proclaim how nonpartisan he can be. If the President and Board believed his non partisan promise they were ignoring history and his reputation. No democrat in office would ever feel comfortaable dealing with McClure. Not even on the most trivial matters. As for the name change McClure delivered Republicans that Champion couldn't (because of her ineptness) but hardly a democrat was going to vote for it largely because of McClure's involvement and the lack of trust for him. Sara Lampe has to pull the university out of the fire because it screwed up so by getting McClure out front.

Anonymous said...

The last time Chatter mentioned this, a commenter claimed McClure has made derogatory comments about the press. I'm trying to document this and could use some help.


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