Thursday, July 20, 2006


The current state representative for the 135th District needed a copy editor before printing and mailing a full-color glossy postcard to his peeps.

The card from Denison arrived on Thursday with this keeper of a snafu:
Charlie's energy and skills afford the voter of the 135th a formable representative. He goes the extra mile for his consituents.
Yes, he did. "Formable" and "consituents." A regular laff riot, that Charlie.


Anonymous said...

Formable for lobbyists or about anyone with a check in hand.

Anonymous said...

Going the extra mile should maybe include spellcheck or basic English proficiency. Surely this man doesn't even begin to write his own proposed legislation.

Anonymous said...

Is you is or is you ain't my consituency?

He is my representative, unfortunately. My wife and I have made trips to Jefferson City to talk with him and othes. We've also written letters to him. You know he never remembers us nor does he write us back.

Anonymous said...

It's a wonder Charlie Denison knows he's Charlie Denison, touched as he is.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Nancy Hagan is running for the seat currently held by Mr. Numbnuts. She'd bring a sane voice to the 135th. Her web site is at

Anonymous said...

freaking idiot. And he actully got elected. please vote for Nancy Hagen...she was a teacher...she can spell.

Anonymous said...

It's ironic that on a post in which you take Mr. Denison's spelling to task, that you misspell the name of his opponent, Nancy Hagan.

Anonymous said...

Charles Wayne Denison has a problem with more than just spelling errors. Until last week, he claimed on his website that a bill of his was passed and signed into law -- the Child Safety Booster Seat law or somesuch.

Truth is, his bill died in committee; the bill that did pass wasn't sponsored nor even co-sponsored by Denison. Only after a letter to the Editor written by me was printed did he change his version of the truth to no longer claim authorship of this legislation. Sorry Charlie, but I archived your entire website!

If you are interested, I have written much more about this subject on my blog at

Tim Trower

Anonymous said...

Ok. I admit it. I proofread it for him. I was then fired for the poor job and the 417Pundit was hired to do it right next time.

Anonymous said...

Poor old Charles steps on it again. Fortunately, voters have a great alternative to Charles in David Dunn.
David is 38 years old, energetic and enthusiastic-he was walking door-to-door during last week's heat alert- and will seek input from his constituents with monthly forums.
He will truly represent the 135th with integrity and honesty and will erase the embarassment that currently accompanies the phrase "Charlie Denison is my representative."

Vote for Dunn on August 8th!