Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Check out Mr. Obvious making an appearance as a police lieutenant. The Associated Press reports:
A Middletown, N.Y., councilwoman found a severed horse’s head in her swimming pool Tuesday, state police said.

"We’re looking at a threat as a possible angle," Lt. Pierce Gallagher said. "Certainly, we can’t rule that out."

There have been some prior instances of harassment directed toward Wawayanda Councilwoman Gail Soro, Gallagher said.

One of the most famous scenes in "The Godfather" showed a movie mogul waking up with a horse head in his bed after he refused to bow to the will of the title character, played by Marlon Brando.

Wawayanda is located 106 miles southwest of Albany.
The Times Herald-Record notes this isn't the first time Soro has been targeted with weirdness. The windshield wipers on her vehicle were bent back during a council meeting. Another time, someone glued a sex toy to her windshield.


John Stone said...

Damn !!! I heard that story yesterday and looked for it and couldn't find it -- just so I could scoop the CHATTERismist-guy on a really juicy story.

Anonymous said...

It's considered weird to have a sex toy glued to your windshield? What's so frigging wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

I just like saying "Wawayanda." Sounds like it ought to be a dude ranch owned by Barbara Walters.

Amy said...

A sex toy glued to a windshield is a level of weirdness that requires pictures. Wow, whatever did this woman do to warrant such shennanigans?

Anonymous said...

Windshield sex toys are a hot item in the automotive aftermarket industry. Check out the full line of products at your friendly neighborhood Oh-Oh-Ohhhhhhhh-Reilly Automotive store.

They carry a full line of Doc Johnson devices, including the WiperMaster, the BugF**ker3000, the WindshielDildo, and the increasingly popular SplatzIt, which features a convenient reservoir that you can load with your favorite brand of washer fluid.

Anonymous said...

I'm dieing to know exactly what kind of sex toy it was !?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Musta been a butt plug. Obviously put there to fill a crack in her windshield.