Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Tip of the CHATTER pinhead to Brad Belote at KYTV's political blog for posting a link to a marvy voters guide from the League of Women Voters. The 38-page .pdf covers Greene and Christian counties.

Download the guide by clicking here. It's worth your reading time.

To the candidates who failed to respond to the LVW questionnaire -- what, you're too good to tell voters what you think? It's disappointing to note that only the Libertarian candidate for the House seat in the 134th District responded to the League. Disappointing, too, that Springfield incumbent reps Charlie Denison, B.J. Marsh, Sara Lampe and Bob Dixon failed to respond.


Anonymous said...

Notice that Charles Denison failed to respond to the voter guide. Perhaps he is waiting for Scott Marrs, his lobbyist buddy, to tell him what he thinks on the issues. Or maybe he's waiting for President Netzel to tell him it's all right to turn in a bio.

Marrs was the lobbyist that Charlie followed around New Busch Stadium on April 4th for the Double A/Triple A minor league exhibition game to kick off the season. Charlie missed 24 votes while his fellow legislators worked late into the night taking care of pressing issues. Charlie went from luxury suite to luxury suite glad handing and eating and drinking for free.
What a representative!!!

Anonymous said...

Not disappointing for the Libertarian in the 134th, though... *ahem* ;)

BTW, it's yer ol' pal The Libertarian Guy - I'm on one of the library 'puters. Long story.

Anonymous said...

My prediction: Dension narrowly loses the primary. If he doesn't, Democrat Nancy Hagan will run a strong race against him and might be the first Dem rep from the 135th that I can remember.