Wednesday, August 09, 2006


John McCusker, a photographer for the Times-Picayune newspaper in New Orleans, apparently snapped on Tuesday. He reportedly begged police to shoot him dead. They arrested him instead.

Reason for McCusker's break: He learned there wasn't enough insurance money to rebuild his storm-damaged home.

Editor & Publisher reports:
He had been one of the paper's key photographers in the immediate aftermath of Katrina. "Katrina didn't flood New Orleans - government failure did," he told visiting students from Brown University recently. ...

Police said they noticed McCusker driving erratically in the city on Tuesday evening, then hit several parked cars when they pulled him over. McCusker rolled the window down and said several times, "Just kill me, get it over with, kill me."

When that didn't happen, he put the car in reverse and pinned one of the officers between the rear bumper of his car and the officer's cruiser, police said, and he suffered minor injuries. McCusker drove away, to fabled St. Charles Avenue, "going out of his way to knock down any signs advertising construction," police told the newspaper.

When he finally stopped, police had to taser him -- as he again begged them to kill him.

The police official said, according to newspapers, that this was only one of many examples of the mental damage that Katrina has caused, "and he sees it all the time now."
"People are hoping John gets well," said a managing editor at the paper.


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