Thursday, August 03, 2006


Media Bistro has the scoop:
Longtime CNN anchor Daryn Kagan is departing the network this fall. In an internal announcement this morning, Kagan said she has been "grateful for the experience." She will stay in her regular anchor slot until September 1, an insider says.

Kagan is launching an "online venture" at on November 13. The site says: "One woman. One radical idea: The world is a good place. Stop in for daily inspiration to improve your world. Launching in 15 weeks! November 13, 2006."

Kagan has been at CNN for 12 years. "The conventional wisdom here is that Heidi Collins will replace her," the insider suggests.
Collins for Kagan. Good call.


John Stone said...

Isn't she Rush Limblimburger's new squeeze?

Or is it the other way around?

Ron Davis said...

Stoner: Ex-girlfriend. They apparently dated for a couple years but broke up in February 2006.

Anonymous said...

Would this leave a position open at CNN for Vicent David Jericho. He keeps saying he could move up if he wanted to ...

Did any of you catch his "political interviews" today? Ugg!!!

John Stone said...

His interviews were el stinko, but his one hour rant about how he is mistreated by damn lib'rul bloggers was the classic, whining, "I'm a victim" VD(J).

Here's what Miss Prim had to say on his yahoogroup.

Mr. Jericho
generally responds to people who disagree with him with distain and
often name-calling, not merely explaining how his point of view
differs. I think KSGF would be awesome if we had a different local
host because even though the other programming is all conservative,
each host brings something different to the discussion of events and
are not afraid of having various points of view expressed on their
program. Additionally, Mr. Jericho goes ballistic over people who have a differing opinion on our country's role in world affairs (especially Iraq) and believes them to be unpatriotic yet I have yet to hear him say anything positive about Springfield or its administration (no I don't agree with the city government). I feel that someone could be justified in saying to him that if he doesn't like what Springfield has to offer, he can leave, just as he seems to express when the subject is broader--the United States."

Anonymous said...

Vincent David Jericho - sitting down whilst he talks about standing up for what's right. Whada guy.

The Newtster said...

Judging by the latest cable news ratings, very few will notice the departure.