Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Twenty-five years ago today we were sitting in a student lounge in Columbia, Mo., watching the future. Back then we couldn't imagine being a quarter-century older; those who had reached that milestone were impossibly old and hopelessly out of touch. Now that we are the decrepit, we have not changed our minds. Damn the black night with its foul temptations and the memories that will not fade.

Do you remember the JAMC?
And reading aloud from magazines?
I don't know about you,
But I'd swear on my name,
They could smell it on me.


Amy said...

Hard to believe MTV is 25. And the changes they've been through in those 25 years are much like the changes I've been through in the last 25 years. Not all of them have been good. Not all of them have been bad. We've both struggled to stay hip ... in some places we've succeeded in some we've failed. So it goes.

Fat Jack said...

You're old enough to be my Dad!
How's that for a happy birthday, pops?

Ron Davis said...

Cracking my ass up, Jack.

Anonymous said...

As you get a little older, Amy, you will understand that life has a heck of a lot less to do with staying hip, which is ultimately of no meaning whatsoever in the grand scheme of things, and instead has much more to do with simply avoiding hip replacement!

With love, from one of your elders!

Anonymous said...

Let the rumors begin: Fat Jack is Ronbo's bastard son!

wuddog said...

Jesus and Mary Chain?!?!
Just had to re-buy "Darklands" Saturday.
Gotta love their Psychocandy, too. Best use of feedback by a band since Hendrix.

DocLarry said...

And can you remember the very first video played on MTV? I can, but then I'm even older than Ron.

No, not old enough to be Fat Jack's grandad.

John Stone said...

"No, not old enough to be Fat Jack's grandad"

I resent that!!! I got enough problems as it is .... I just found out that a name from out of the past in my family was Holdsemfromfloppin Shotincrappin.

JJ said...

Fat Jack, if you've been reading this blog long enough you'd know there is a possiblity that Ron IS your Dad.
Sorry Ron.
It's funny because it's true.

Amy said...

JJ, are you stiring up trouble AGAIN?

mit said...

Man oh man, you all sound like a bunch of old...or sons of farts as the case may be.

The Buggles' Video Killed the Radio Star was the first video played on MTV. They had a wee bit of success with their techno pop sound and Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes were better producers than performers..but not all that bad.
"...I am a camera"

Anonymous said...

There by the waterside
Here where the lens is wide
You and me by the sea ...