Thursday, September 28, 2006


Thursday morning found a certain radio host giving grudging admiration to the "mind control" powers of former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, who spoke Wednesday night at a public forum about the Iraq War.

The radio host was a member of the same panel. He'd attempted to pack the audience with his sycophants, casting the event as some sort of Patriots vs. Peaceniks clash. But a News-Leader account of the meeting makes it clear -- the Peaceniks are winning this war:
The crowd was less favorable toward panel member Vincent David Jericho, a conservative talk-radio host on local station KSGF.

Although Jericho garnered thunderous applause when describing America as "the greatest country in the world," he drew fire after suggesting the U.S. is also "morally superior."

Moderator Bob Ranney had to ask the audience to refrain from catcalling after several other comments from Jericho, including his contention that "Jesus wasn't some velveteen wuss, he was a man ..."

Jericho characterized the current war on terror as a religious war and defended past statements by the president that American soldiers are "Christian crusaders."

"The Bible isn't a book of peace," Jericho said. "Never has been, never will be."
And the walls came tumbling down.


Anonymous said...

The "we need to talk to them" types still amaze me. That bug-eyed freak from Iran isn't going to talk to those he wants dead (read: Jews), so what makes anyone think WE can talk to him?

notafinga said...

Ah the musings of the Arm chair general. I would venture first that the President of Iran is not bug-eyed, if anything his eyes are very close together.

The important thing about Iran is to note that the Iranian people do not care for their Presidents policies-much like Americans.

What is the answer? Time, time is the answer. We must stay involved and dedicated to preventing a nuclear Iran with our partners diplomatically. We must put our efforts into nurturing a better relationship with the people of the middle-east and letting the democratic process sweep away
Mr. Ahmadinajad and his ilk. We proffes to be believers in democracy and freedom yet we barly practice this in our policy.

Iraq is a good example of how to scrw up a country and its populace.
If the answer provided by those who deem themselves rightious is more of the same, I say let the peacnics hava a shot. After all we can't screw up worse than you fellers have.

I also would like to note how very similar the parallels are between the "sword of god" type of christianity Mr VDJ is touting.
Is it just me or is this the same kind of twisted faith preached by the "terrorists"? Would VDJ blow people up? Probably not personally. But he has supported views that have resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent Iraqis.
So what is the differance? How do you explain it to an Iraqi who has lost a family member to US bombs?
"Here's you freedom, you welcome."

In my heart I believe that both Jesus and Muhammad as well as the vast vast majority of their followers are people who deperatly want peace.

So those haters out there, and you know who you are, on our side and theirs need to shut the hell up.
Learning to understand eachother is the path to peace. Those who live by the sword are bound to die by it.

marcus alrealius alrightus said...

I don't have a lot of Biblical knowledge but I think this verse has something to say about our local radio loudmouth.

Proverbs 15:2 The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright: but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness.

Anonymous said...

I love how that guy talks about our
"Christian Heratige". He's freaking Canadian!

Anonymous said...

And Canadians can't be Christians?

Anonymous said...


John Stone said...

"And Canadians can't be Christians?"

Of course not. Half of them are Roman Catholic.

It was fun to hear him crawfish for an hour and then adopt the mind-control technique he accused others of. But what really pissed him off? He didn't get all the face time he was promised.

We hosed him ... again.


The whine level reached the five year old level on radio this morning. I won't even have to spend time doing sound edits. Everybody heard it.

notafinga said...

Let me in on this.
What hacks me off as an American is when a guy comes in and becomes an American, and then starts in on what America should be with rants about the Christian nature of this country. Very little of our history as a nation can be traced to Christian beliefs. At least not the genocide of the native population, or the enslavement of Africans, the desocration of the environment, or any of our lovely wars.

Personally I would not want to wave any of these things in my crators face and say "look what we did for you".

The greatest thing our forefathers ever did was to seperate church and state. That is truely Americas gift to the world.
It is also why we have been able to prosper the way we have.

Anonymous said...

Careful, notafinga. Now the wingnuts are gonna come out of the woodwork and say, "Separation of church and state is a MYTH!" They also like to say Joe McCarthy wasn't that bad of a guy, just misunderstood.

Anonymous said...

VDJ couldn't get head if it were handed to him.

Anonymous said...

Phat props to Amos Bridges for getting the velveteen wuss quote in the paper. That's good reporting.

marcus alrealius alrightus said...

anon @ 4:04 PM

Funny you should bring up McCarthy. I listened to a few minutes of right-wing pipsqueak Mark Levin while I was in the car last night. Levin seems to think McCarthy is alright. He even put in a few good words for tricky dick.

I don't think that we can set the bar much lower.

Anonymous said...

The stuff McCarthy and his followers were harping on back then is what Jericho, Rush, Hanity and the whole Fox Network have brought into the mainstream.

I've read these guys from the past books and it reads just like the current right-wings bestsellers. Only then it was put out by small time publishers to be "past out at church, work or school." One of these "old school" right-wing authors has co-authored book with the author of the "Left Behind" books.

However, I was at a gathering of people this week and most of them find Jericho repulsive. Everyone who has met him find him repulsive. I think it is a matter of time before he head back to the Great White North.

marcus alrealius alrightus said...

Take a look at the book section at any local Wal-Mart. A lot of it is a good supplement to the hate that spews out of the radio on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

VD(j) as in johnson is an egotistical idiot. As an employee of a radio station, (read not a true broadcaster) he chooses to preach only to his choir about how bad 52 percent of the congregation is.
A true broadcaster/talk show host would choose instead to serve his full (read potential) audience.
To be a devil's advocate on all issues, to perhaps gain some listeners...?? He's got the talent to be so much better at what he does, but until he starts toward being the journalist he fancies himself as, it will never happen. He turns a lot more people off than turn him on. Saying on air that "you can't be a Christian if you're a Democrat" is just one example of his maniacal lunacy. How much bashing of the community, I mean more than half of the community is enough Rex?