Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Hey, we dug it. Katie Couric's debut as solo anchor of the CBS Evening News brought boffo ratings to the network once known as Tiffany. Couric seemed prepared, poised.

Some critics, like Tom Shales of the Washington Post, were decidedly not impressed. Shales typed:
Couric, who began the newscast standing up and promoting what was to come, oddly wore a white blazer over a black top and skirt, the blazer buttoned in such a way as to make her look chubby, bursting at the button, which we know she isn't.
Did Shales ever write about Dan Rather's sweater and whether it made him look fat? Doubtful.


Anonymous said...

What a bizarre comment for Shales, no string bean himself (and not exactly a sharp dresser) to make. Surely, there are more substantive things to talk about, like whether she "lightened" the news a bit too much -- a subject that has nothing to do with her clothing or her weight.

I, for one, liked it, and suspect she will settle down nicely into her new role.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a very ho-hum debut for Katie. As a long-time Today Show watcher, I always considered her the weak link. She was massively overpaid, having nowhere near the unbiased interviewing ability of Matt Lauer. Most irritating was her annoying habit of answering a question she just asked of a guest, barely giving them the opportunity to respond. I would assume a reporter should have a neutral stance during an interview, but her barely civil conduct with Republicians was only overshadowed by her obvious gushing over Democratic politicians. I suspect the initial upward blip in ratings won't last long. Brian Williams (himself not exactly unbiased in his approach) will remain the ratings king. In my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

They had more pundits taking up precious time than they had news stories.

I quit watching.

It is rather odd though, that republicans seem to think she's liberal, especially considering the upcoming Limbaugh (another pundit who we can hear any day of the week on the radio) waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous #2, nice try with your Publican disinfo..."barely civil conduct with Republicians"...riiiight, try these quotes on for size:

New CBS anchor Couric did not challenge Bush falsehoods, gushed: "[P]eople admire so much your ability to adhere to your principles"

Couric failed to question Snow about "tar baby" remark, allowed his misleading claims to go unchallenged

Finding the bright side in all-time low approval rate: Couric asked if White House was "breathing a sigh of relief" because Bush's rating fell only one point

Couric falsely claimed Democrats "really applauded" only the failure of Bush's Social Security proposal at SOTU

Better luck next time, but thanks for playing