Thursday, September 07, 2006


Iraq celebrates another milestone in its march to sweet, sweet freedom. The Telegraph explains:
The brutal excesses of Saddam Hussein's regime were relived yesterday as Iraq's new government announced that it had hanged 27 prisoners convicted of terror and criminal charges.

Mass executions at Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison, which has several gallows erected in the execution chamber, were suspended after coalition-led troops overthrew Saddam three years ago. The death penalty was reinstituted in 2004, and yesterday's executions took place just days after control of Abu Ghraib was handed over to the Iraqi authorities.

An Iraqi Justice Ministry official said two of those hanged had been convicted of terrorism charges, and the other 25 – including a woman – were convicted of murder and kidnap.
The morals that they worship are gone.


Anonymous said...

Mission accomplished!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the left sure knows something about morality, don't they?

Anonymous said...,,3-2348978,00.html

For an update on another of Mr. Davis' favorite subjects ... "traitor
gate" ... only now the truth doesn't seem to fit his political leanings...

RON DAVIS said...

Anon 1027: So you're OK with members of a presidential administration leaking the name of a CIA operative? Nice job of being a patriot.

Anonymous said...

Your side of the isle owes Karl Rove an apology. Tisk, tisk, tisk.

And poor Scooter Libby going to trial over perjury. He should envoke "Bill's Law" and avoid those charges all together.

What does Saddam, Al Qaeda and Democrats have in common? They hate America.

DocLarry said...

For those who think that Armitage's admission lets Rove and Libby off the hook, note that Warren Strobel included the following in his account:

"The administration's defenders have claimed that Armitage's acknowledgement of his role, which has been speculated about for months, takes much of the sting out of those allegations.

"But interviews and documents also portray the White House — in the persons of Bush aide Karl Rove, Cheney chief of staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby and others — as furiously trying to get information about Wilson and Plame, then discussing it with reporters."

Also, Armitage says he didn't know Valerie Wilson by the name Valerie Plame or that she was working undercover. So how did Novak and Judith Miller get the name Valerie Plame to use in their stories? Who was it who knew that Valerie Wilson used the name "Valerie Plame" when she was on CIA business? And who passed this tidbit along?

Anonymous said...

I know I hate america. Thats why I voted for Kerry.

Larry LItle said...

Anon 1:25,

I am a conservative and I am mortified by your comments. Democrats may have a different perspective on how the country should be ran than I do but I don't question their love for this country. I disagree with Ron and DocLarry and many of the others on how things should be but I have never questioned their patriotic love for this country. You have just invalidated anything I can say because you have been associated to me because I am a conservative. Thanks a lot for destroying any rational discussion that could have come from this post.

That makes me more upset than anything people on the left can say. You are just as wacko as the extreme left's conspiracy theories and their hate for Bush. You are not helping by your nut job comments. You do not win people’s minds and hearts over by telling them that they hate our country.

Larry Litle said...

I was unable to post a comment on your site under my Blogger Id. I am curious if you have any ideas on that.

DocLarry said...

Chatter has switched to Beta Blogger, which doesn't allow Blogger IDs to post comments. It works the opposite way as well, which is why I can't post comments on your site using my Beta Blogger ID.

It's Google's fault, not Ron's, not yours, not mine. Google doesn't inform you of this until after you switch (at their invitation) and attempt to post a comment on a blog which hasn't switched. Stupid Google.

Larry Litle said...

I knew that Ron would not be doing anything intentional. I had not heard that the new Blogger Beta was causing such issues. Thanks for the heads up. Appreciate the info.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, the left sure knows something about morality, don't they?"

Anon 1013, sarcasm is best left to the big boys. Stop before you strain something irreplaceable.