Sunday, October 08, 2006


Breaking Sunday night. South Korean leaders say via the Yonhap news agency that the test is reality; North Korea has just confirmed. Big news.

Updated 1:46 a.m. Monday: The USGS earthquake center reports a 4.2 magnitude earthquake, located:
70 km (45 miles) N of Kimchaek, North Korea
90 km (55 miles) SW of Chongjin, North Korea
180 km (110 miles) S of Yanji, Jilin, China
385 km (240 miles) NE of PYONGYANG, North Korea
Preliminary reports say the blast was equivalent to 550 tons of TNT -- not a big nuke bang, but that's a relative term.


John Stone said...

Damn -- I thought I had a fair chance of scooping you on this one.

Why the hell don't you go to bed at a reasonable hour?

Anonymous said...

I guess this does make them part of the axis of evil then ...

Anonymous said...

The US has not only tested nukes, we've actually used them. Does that make us the apex of the axis of evil?

Amy said...

This at the moment that I can not post on my broken blog!

John Stone said...

I think 550 tons is a typo over the wires. It should be 550 kilotons.

550 tons makes a prtty big bang, but nothing like is needed to create a 3.5 event that can be measured in California.

Interestingly, for the past few days there has been a ot of seismic activity in the entire nothern part of the ring of fire.

However, nukes have a distinct signature in the seismogram, and shouldn't be mistaken for anything else.

Anonymous said...

Having nukes alone was not the basis of the "axis of evil" grouping. And, are you suggesting the U.S. should not have used a nuke to end WW2?

John Stone said...

Well, two hours into VD(J)'s crap propram and not a word has been uttered about this.

Instead he wants to talk about important things, like the little racist movie that they are sponsoring tomorrow night, or that all signs and all commerece should be in English so that you can be a great American like him.

He is about an inch away from donning the sheets and hoods this morning. Too bad gas is cheap ... now the SOB can afford to buy a con.

Anonymous said...

How do you know the movie is "racist"?

John Stone said...

Because VD(J) sponsors it?