Tuesday, October 03, 2006


The Guardian offers up a curious story of a racer who happens to be a woman from Iran. Easy to sense trouble ahead from the set-up:
She was the speed queen of the racetrack who became a feminist icon after triumphing over an all-male field to become Iran's national car rally champion. But now the high-octane driving career of Laleh Seddigh has juddered to a halt, with a ban from participating at a race by the country's motor racing authorities. Seddigh, 29, was walking towards her 1600cc Peugeot 206 at Tehran's Azadi stadium when stewards blocked her way, citing "security problems".

The snub followed days of wrangling with Iran's racing federation over her right to take part in an event she won two years ago on her way to becoming national champion. In the lead-up to the race, she was told her participation was not guaranteed but was advised to register her name. Her registration was passed after technicians gave her car the all-clear. "I thought I had been given the go-ahead," she said. "I was walking towards the grid thinking, thank God this has been resolved, when they shut the door on me. They said they didn't know why, but the head of the federation said I wasn't allowed to participate."

It was the first time Seddigh, whose exploits earned her the soubriquet "the little Schumacher", had been excluded from a contest. Senior federation officials said they had been unable to obtain permission for her participation.
Repugnant. Not a reason to bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran, but still so backwards that it boggles the brain.


Anonymous said...

Women have no place in glorious country of Iran racing. If they not behave like proper woman we ship off to Afghanastan were they know how to treat woman. You know what I mean my friend? Yes.

Anonymous said...

One has to keep the care and safety of the vee-hickle in mind. Women hare basically unstable, having a center of ravity much higher than the rest of humanity.

So it is wise for a crew chief to protect his racer. No one wants to cause injury to a camel.

Watch the curbstonecritic later this afternoon or evening to find out the identity of 427Pundit. First, you will be shocked, and then you will laugh your ass off.

Anonymous said...

You see my very good friend knows what is the ups. We take very good care of horse and camel in Iran, they are much valuable and require protection from the lusts of unstable females. AHMADEENAJADDDD!

Anonymous said...

This message brought to you by The Religion of Peace (tm).

notafinga said...

As if there is such a thing.