Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Two weeks until Election Day. Dave Catanese at KY3 is filling his Political Notebook with goodies aplenty, including coverage of the Doug Harpool-Norma Champion race.

Meanwhile, the two candidates meet Tuesday evening at a forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters (beleagured, we sometimes refer to the group, because the work it does is underappreciated).

Champion and Harpool also meet this week in what's being billed as a debate. From the Springfield Public Schools:
Glendale High School's political discussion club, Sons and Daughters of Liberty, will host a debate and panel discussion between state Senator Norma Champion and challenger Doug Harpool.

The event takes place from 3:15 - 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 26, in the Glendale library. Five club members will serve as panelists; one of them will moderate the debate.

Son's and Daughters of Liberty is a student political debate club created in 2005.

The event "is educational but also seriously political," said Mike Snodgrass, who teaches advanced placement government and liberty and law honors classes at Glendale. "It's an important event for the candidates and students alike."
Champion is too good to appear at a KY3 debate, but Glendale High School is fine. Wonder if KY3 will carry it live? That would be cool.

Back soon with the usual madness. The League forum beckons.


Anonymous said...

Go Cesspool!!!

John Stone said...

Hummm... high school ... let's see how many voters will be there to her her stumble around? ... Oh, never mind ....With any luck Dave will cover this ... it's as close as Norma is going to come to having a swan song.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Norma did, well Holden left a 1 billion dollar deficit and she turned it into a 5 million dollar surplus. And I thought we had to have a balanced budget by law in the great state of Missouri.

I doubt if anybody's mind was changed by tonight's forum.

Helms came out swinging against Lampe, the moderator said to say what you would do in Jefferson City, not speak against your opponent.