Thursday, November 16, 2006


Rep. Roy Blunt will learn on Friday whether he keeps any power in Congress. The majority whip, soon to become a member of the minority party, wants to be minority whip. The Republicans vote on Friday. Blunt says he has the votes to win.

But supposedly friendly voices, like Human Events, want Blunt gone. The Freepers have turned against him. The Richmond Times-Dispatch brings up a possible spoiler role for Eric Cantor, the deputy whip brought to power by Blunt.

Blunt's outward confidence means little. He knew he'd be majority leader last February, and he lost that vote to John Boehner. Now many conservatives want Boehner and Blunt banished to the back benches.

Blunt will be lucky if he wins on Friday.


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Anonymous said...

It's too bad that he won. Too bad the House GOP didn't fully get the message that the voters gave them on November 7th.

notafinga said...

Ya really sucks for S.W. MO.