Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Mick Denniston, director of development for Springfield Catholic Schools and former executive director of Springfield Little Theatre, was seriously injured in a one-vehicle wreck in New Mexico on Thursday.

Television station KRQE reports the crash happened west of Albuquerque on Interstate 40. Denniston was eastbound when his vehicle went off the road, apparently over-corrected, then overturned at least twice.


The Lorax said...

Pure guesswork here... but I40 from Albuquerque to Gallup is closed due to hazardous driving conditions. That's 120 miles of interstate down due to blizzard conditions in some places.

Might have been bad driving out there.

John Stone said...

I think we all wish the best for Mick ...

Anonymous said...

According to the TV link, weather wasn't an issue in the crash. I think there was a mechanical issue with the car. Here's a quote from an e-mail sent to SLT volunteers this afternoon.
"According to his wife, Kate, he is in critical condition with severe head trauma, two punctured lungs and a fracture in his neck".

Please pray for this man and his family. The Dennistons are part of the reason why Springfield a great place to live.

Anonymous said...

Right you are, DC.
Mick is gold.
He's one of those guys you take for granted until something like this happens.
I hope his physical suffering is minimal and over very soon.
It hurts to even think of a guy that good in any sort of pain.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone update us as to his condition and prognosis?

Anonymous said...

The latest information I have recieved is that Mick had surgery on Dec 22nd to repair some of the damage in his neck. He's resting now, and very sedated. His condition (at last report) is critial but stable. It's going to be a long road of recovery for Mick and his family. Here's a note that might be of interest:

Friends of the Denniston's have established a fund to help with travel and medical expenses.

Contributions may be made at any Guaranty Bank location. Checks should be made payable to:

Kathleen M. Denniston for the Benefit Fund of Mick Denniston.