Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Apple Computer is now Apple, Inc., and this may be the coolest piece of hardware, ever.

The iPhone's price point is steep ($500 or $600, depending on how big you want it, memorywise) but will come down as the edge stops bleeding and the device goes mainstream.

A phone, a music and vid player, a web browser. It's not the bundling that's important; the package is bound with a touchscreen version of Apple's OS X, so the interface looks like something you can actually use.

It will be summer before the thing is sold. If it works and doesn't break, it'll be the must-have gadget by year's end. Just look at it.


Mike B. said...

Man that thing looks soooo freakin' sweet. I can't believe it runs OS X. That's just crazy. And the touch interface! I'll stop drooling on my keyboard now and start saving my nickels.

Anonymous said...

I not even that much of a gadget-oriented person, and I want one!

Anonymous said...

I not either.

Anonymous said...

The only negative comment I've seen is that its communications is tied to Cingular. Being a Cingular cutomer, that's fine with me.

thom said...

Not that you could pay me to use Cingular for a cell provider, let alone convince me to pay for a two year contract, but the damn phone is EDGE only. EDGE is so pathetically slow that it is truly laughable. We're talking 30% faster than dial-up. The data capabilities of EVDO networks like those offered by Sprint and Alltel in this region operate at 5-20 times the speed of EDGE, plus those networks represent a greater coverage by broadband than the network offered by Cingular in all regions. And even when the 3G model comes out you will only be able to use it in about 10% of the country. Lame.
What was Apple thinking? This is great design, married to decent hardware on a network that is so old it has an AARP membership.
Instead of speed, reliability and high availability Apple chose brand recognition and integration. Guess it isn't about the users anymore. Sad.

E said...

Actress Yvonne De Carlo, who
played Lily in "The Munsters," is dead at 84.

Anonymous said...

"...but will come down as the edge stops bleeding..."

Of course. Who the hell wants to carry a bloody-edged Swiss Army phone?