Friday, January 12, 2007


Who needs privacy when you can get a tracking tattoo? Computer Weekly has the story:
A US company has launched a chipless RFID (radio-frequency identification) Ink that can be used to track both animals and humans.

Visible or invisible Ink "Tattoos" can be applied to the skin and tracked by RFID readers positioned a few feet away.

The company, Somark, said it had successfully tested its Biocompatible Chipless RFID Ink product.
Most troubling is the fact that some people will think we need this.


E said...

I hope the Chips Ahoy! reference is to The Hold Steady, who's new CD is THE CD, and who were on Letterman last night!

Ken said...

It would not hurt to bathe creeps like the kidnapper in St. Louis in this ink.