Thursday, January 04, 2007


Linton Brooks was administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration. He was kicked to the curb on Thursday because of a "serious security breach" at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. CNN reports:
Brooks issued a statement to NNSA employees saying he will tender his resignation to President Bush "shortly" and depart within two to three weeks.

"One reason for forming NNSA was to prevent such management problems from occurring," Brooks said. "We have not yet done so in over five years. For much of that time I was in charge of NNSA. Therefore, the secretary believes new leadership is needed." ...

On October 17 police in Los Alamos, New Mexico, found materials from the top-secret nuclear facility while searching a home during a drug raid. An Office of Inspector General report on the incident said police found a computer flash drive that "contained apparent images of classified documents from the laboratory. Also found were several hundred pages of what appeared to be laboratory documents with classified markings."

The home belonged to a former employee of the laboratory.
The "solution" to flash drive misuse at Los Alamos? Glue shut the USB ports. Yes, really. No wonder this guy is out.

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