Friday, February 16, 2007


Our recent post on Springfield City Councilwoman Shelia Wright elicited several delightfully droll remarks -- so why not include them in a poll about her? And not one of those boring "yes/no" polls; creativity counts.

To give us your opinion on Shelia Wright, click here and take our survey. We've included many of your suggestions, including those involving ground chuck and a tea-party summit.

No registration required, no gathering of super-secret IP data, no salesman (or woman) will call. We'll compile the numbers and report back on Friday, Feb. 23. Ready to dream up the future for Shelia Wright? Click here and vote.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she should stalk her dog like she stalked the woman who was having an affair with her husband. On the other hand, put collars on em' all.

This woman needs to be off City Council - go Cindy! Wish I could vote in this one!!!

Anonymous said...

The issue with the dog just makes her seem even more out of touch with Zone 2. She reportedly owns lots of rental properties--many people call her a slum lord--and she's a doctor's wife. Have you seen her house? It is huge. With that kind of money she has no excuse to not do whatever it takes to train the dog, provide an adequate and safe outside place, and supervise the thing when it is outside. Or spend some of that rental property money to invest in a fence that will keep the dog inside.

All that aside, though, she lost whatever respect she had when she chose to blame some unknown perp for "taking off the dog's collar" to let it out. How stupid does she think we are? Or, maybe the real question is: How stupid can she be?

Busplunge said...

Shelia Wright and Ralph "I'm so happy I could jump up and down and give away silver dollars" Manley: who elected these two?

Have you ever watched these two on the cable during City Council meetings?

Perhaps staff can tell us how many times they drift off course.

Where are Slavens and Shikany when we really need them.

John Stone said...

Hey VD(j) wants to run for mayor as a write-in ... imagine what fun we can have if that should come to pass.

Vote for VD - get five minutes in the self-cleaning box for cross-checking in the wrong box.