Friday, February 09, 2007


Missouri's first woman lieutenant governor died Thursday night of leukemia. She was 79. From The Associated Press:
She had been diagnosed with leukemia last March while teaching political and community involvement in New York, her son said.

"She will be remembered most as a loving mother and grandmother, but we are also incredibly proud of her life devoted to public service and her passionate and determined efforts to aid society's most vulnerable - the elderly, minorities and the homeless, to obtain equal opportunities for women, and mentor future generations of leaders," the family said in a statement.

Woods became Missouri's lieutenant governor in 1984 and served one term as the state's No. 2 executive. Before that, she served eight years in the state Senate, two years on a state transportation commission and eight years on the University City Council.
Smitty gets the point.

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Anonymous said...

Besides running memorable, losing races for U.S. Senate against John Danforth and Kit Bond, Ms Woods is also distinguished as the mother of former Mizzou quarterback Pete Woods, the predecessor to the great Phil Bradley and author of a fabulous victory over Ohio State in 1976.