Thursday, February 01, 2007


•Randy Turner @ The Turner Report pops the news about Karen Testa of The Associated Press. Testa, the former AP reporter for Springfield, is the new AP news editor for Massachusetts and Rhode Island. She also can say the word "muffy" to great effect, even when she's only talking about muffin tops.

•Jim Carrey, the comedian, is his own worst enemy. According to the New York Daily News, Carrey is difficult to the point of bizarre, reportedly unzipping and taking a whiz during a scene for the film, "The Number 23." Said urination was not in the script. Best bit from the story: Carrey was such a jerk on the set of "Fun With Dick and Jane" that the director now calls the film "Fun With Jane."

•From the "Hey, I Think That Stripper Likes Me" category: Reuters has a sad report on Ahmed Rashed, who faces five years of paper for stealing a cadaver's hand and giving it to a stripper. Cops found it when they searched the home of Linda Kay, who danced under the name "Zillah" at Hott 22, a club in New Jersey. Rashed gave Kay the hand as a tip. She apparently liked that sort of stuff.

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