Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Ron Boyer, assistant director of the Springfield-Greene County Health Department, retired this week after 37 years. The abrupt announcement, made Tuesday, said Boyer was retiring, effective March 12.

Interesting local news, to say the least. Boyer penned a recent column in the News-Leader that probably didn't sit well with at least one county official.

Expect a story in Thursday's News-Leader.

Update @ 3 p.m.: No need to wait until Thursday's print edition. The yummy good N-L account can be found here. Oddest passage is courtesy of Kevin Gipson, head of the health department:
The department did not publicly announce the retirement of its long-time employee, nor has it sent a press release to area media.

"I don't think he would have wanted that," Gipson said. "We just decided not to do that."
Retirements and how they're announced (or not announced) are never "just decided."

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John Stone said...

I tend not to be in favor of using the HD to do this sort of thing ... but on the other hand those operations cannot be anything other than a human heath hazard. In our karst area the microbiological effects on goundwater alone should be enough to not have them. Plus, many human pathogens, carried by pigs and transmissable through surface waters, have a life time of at least 5 days in minimal media such as unpoluted surface water .. and much more in polluted surface water. This means that a typical watershed in SW MO could be entirely contaminated in as little as 2 days.

This ain't the way to do it .. but on the other hand, if a major disease outbreak should occur it will be a little late to go ahead and do the long-stalled studies to quantify the danger.

There is NIMBY going on... I would oppose such an operation just on that reason alone, but beyond that, these large operations should be flat banned, not merely regulated.