Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Springfield residents have until March 28 to curbside all tree debris from the ice storm. That's the word from city officials, who also say emergency crews have "essentially completed" their first pass though the city.

According to Louise Whall, city public information director and Duchess of Debris:
All vegetative debris from the January ice storm must be moved to the public street by that date for the final collection across the city. All City residents on public streets will receive a bright yellow postcard in the mail in about a week to further remind them of the final date. Residents of private streets also will receive a reminder that they need to move debris to a public right of way for free pick-up. ...

By the end of Monday, March 5, DRC has collected 928,205 cubic yards of debris, representing 20,345 loads within the City of Springfield. Shawnee Mission Tree Service, the debris-removal contractor for the Springfield-Greene County Park Department, has collected another 67,648 cubic yards of storm debris from parks.
Zip over to the city's web page for more info.


Anonymous said...

Who are they trying to kid? There are scads of limb piles that have been at streetsides since ice still clung to trees yet have not been picked up. The "first pass" missed a bunch! Are we really going to get our 24 million dollars worth from this DRC outfit?

Anonymous said...

March 28th, huh.... Well, given on how things get done around my house, I know what I'll be doing on the 27th!

Busplunge said...

March 28????
First I was told that we would get postcards saying when the first sweep would be made through our neighborhood.
THE NEXT DAY trucks were picking up debris on Portland Street near Fort.
Then I was told by two guys in a city truck that I would get a postcard telling me when they would come through again.
You guessed it, Last week a truck came through and picked up again.
This time they ran their skiddloader on my lawn and rutted it.

I think the city jumped the gun on this debris removal stuff. We were told it would take until June to get the city cleaned up.

What a plan!

Also, on a related note, NO ONE DIED DURING THE ICE STORM! Remember those headlines?

Baloney! The obituary pages are FULL, sometimes 2 and 3 pages of old folks passing over.
My Mom spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital with pneumonia she contracted during the 15 day power outage at her house. (She stayed with us, but our power was out also, thank goodness for gas fireplace. But I paid through the nose for gas last month.)

Bring back Shikany and Slavens! At least they walked in our shoes occasionally.

Gee, maybe Ralph can come by my neighborhood and cheer us up. Jump for JOY!

Anonymous said...

That's funny. I know I've had limbs piled in my front yard since before they announced the clean up...and THEY'RE STILL THERE!!!
First pass my ass! Sounds like the only people cleaning up are the folks that got a $24M contract to pick up sticks.