Monday, March 12, 2007


John Dove was killed Saturday night in Houston. The 27-year-old man made several mistakes in the minutes before his death:

•He was in a home, not his own, and with a 13-year-old girl he'd met online.
•Once caught, he argued with the girl's parents before fleeing the residence with the teen.
•And then he came back.

Television station KHOU reports:
The mother reportedly went into the home to call 911. As she was on the phone with the emergency operator, she received a phone call from Dove saying he was coming back to the residence to talk to her.

As Dove approached the residence, he became involved in a heated argument with the mother on his cell phone.

The father returned to the residence with a loaded shotgun and saw Dove approaching his wife. He told police Dove made a gesture he took as threatening and became combative.

After a struggle, the father allegedly shot and killed the man, Houston police said.
The father hasn't been charged, so far. The girl stayed away until Sunday morning. She thought she'd be in trouble at home.


Anonymous said...

First of all this is a sad occasion for both families, but this is not the whole truth. John Dove did not argue with the mother and the father never left the home. It was reported the father returned home- he never left! This child did what many young girls today do- she lied about her age. I don't think John made a mistake by wanting to clear himself of any wrong doings by speaking to the childs mother. No one is thinking the child is 13 how can she have a profile for a chat line that requires you to be 18 and over? I feel sorry for both families especially Mr.Dove's

Anonymous said...

this was my best friend and he didnt no what the situation was he thought she was grown and alot people in the alief community mourn his death he was not that kind of person R.I.P John Dove we love you

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