Thursday, March 01, 2007


Amy the Mac, aka The Snarling Marmot, has been having issues with Network Solutions. This, too, shall pass.

But in the meantime, if you're like us, you've been missing your dose of Marmot (goes great with tequila, by the way). Fear not: She has a backup generator of a blog and it's up and running. Click over to the Marmot Den to find her.


wikiChick said...

Thanks for that post. I've been wondering what happened to La Marmot! Glad to know her location.

I've recently come out of hiding myself and fired up the blog.


John Stone said...

Thanks for the link .. I went to the Network Solutions website a few minutes ago and there is not a single word I could find about the problem or what they are doing about it ... there were plenty of offers to sell me something though.

I have been around the net for a long time , I have never - ever - seen a company screw up this bad.

Oh, yes ... according to them ... they do give "4 star" service.

And while I am ranting ... I am getting a little tired of logging in to blogger 20 times a day. I just may go the anon route myself.