Sunday, April 22, 2007


Rich Little performed Saturday night at the White House Correspondents Association dinner. It was on C-SPAN.

The verdict: lame, according to a roundup from Editor & Publisher. Little did bad impressions of several presidents and told corny jokes about erections and assholes. President Bush guffawed. You may not be surprised.

Rich Little was no Stephen Colbert. That was a given. But even his Richard Nixon impression was terrible, as brightly bad as Little's hair dye. The anti-Colbert route created a time warp, and Rich Little was suddenly back on TV, doing his Johnny Carson impression.

David Letterman videoed a routine in with a top 10 list of Bush flubs. It almost balanced out the Little debacle. But not quite.


Art Morris said...

Kinda makes a person wish that Don Imus would return!

A bomb? You're being kind.

oddjob60 said...

He had an unexpectedly tough act to follow: Bush actually showed a little class when he decided not to poke fun, in re4cognition og the Va Tech thing.