Sunday, May 27, 2007


Loved him on "Match Game." The New York Times has it this way:
Long before moving west to become what he somewhat ruefully described as a “game show fixture,” Mr. Reilly was an actor and an acting teacher in New York City. In 1962, he won a Tony Award for his portrayal of Bud Frump in the original Broadway production of “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.”

But he was proudest of “The Belle of Amherst,” a one-woman play starring Julie Harris based on the life of Emily Dickinson, which he directed on Broadway at the Longacre Theater in 1976, said Timothy Helgeson, who collaborated with him on the show. Two decades later, Mr. Reilly directed Ms. Harris and Charles Durning in a revival of “The Gin Game” at the Lyceum Theater. He was nominated for a Tony for best director in 1997, and Ms. Harris was nominated for best actress.
He was camp long before camp was cool. Cause of death: complications of pneumonia.


Anonymous said...

The flame is extinguished.

DocLarry said...

anon 10:03, that was cruel and uncalled for.

I remember Charles Nelson Reilly dressed in a banana suit portraying a teacher in an elementary school classroom in an advert for BIC pens. The campaign was for the just introduced BIC Banana, a yellow pen marketed to kids going back to school. The tag line, "After all, I AM the BIG Banana!"

The Libertarian Guy (tm) said...

Godspeed, Charles.

Busplunge said...

Charles Nelson Reilly, he was funny. Wasn't there something about him I remember him on the match game with Brett Summers? Who was that brunette lady who was his foil on so many setups?
Charles Nelson Reilly: you were funny. -- this ain't an obituary, but it is nice and expresses my sentiments pretty well.

Anonymous said...

I love to come here each morning. Sometimes, I find out who died. Click the Chatter tab on my bookmarks bar this day, and up comes "Charles Nelson Reilly, 76" as the top story. 'Ahh, Charles Nelson Reilly,' I thought, as I smiled while remembering many an afternoon watching Match Game.

Where the hell else would I get this stuff? Thanks, Ron.

Anonymous said...

And now, I am saddened. Why else would we have watched Match Game than to see CNR (or Hollywood Squares without Paul Lynde, for that matter)?

Desdinova said...

Doc Larry, I had forgot about the Bic Banana ads. I feel that someone should put out the Saturday morning kids show he did called "Uncle Croc's Block." ABC pulled it because they thought the humor was "too mature." I'd like to see it again to figure aout what they were talking about.

Also like CNR as Hoo-Doo the Magician on Lidsville. That character was kind of a role model to me.

oddjob60 said...

Bic Banana ad #1:

Bic Banana ad #2 (sing-along version):

As sudden host of The Match Game:

On The Match Game, Gary Burghoff explains Reilly's funny voice: