Friday, May 18, 2007


A Friday break. We were leafing through the 'net and found this column from Burt Prelutsky: Does Fido Have a Soul?

Do pets get the got-a-soul seal of approval? Does it depend on the pet? We've owned dogs and cats. They seemed pretty animated. But is that your definition of soul? Spirit?

Prelutsky writes:
If an entire species is, by its very nature, warm-hearted, conscientious, loyal and brave, one would be hard-pressed to maintain that, in spite of all these virtues, they are soul-less.
If there is an afterlife, a heaven, a whatever, and animals aren't allowed, who would want to go?


thinkingthings said...

If the universe was indeed created by one God, and if the soul is truly the "spark" of God embodied, then of course other living beings have souls.

Anonymous said...

I know my pets have more soul than many a-person I've had misfortune to meet.

Anonymous said...

Strannix, buddy, you gotta quit meeting liberals. No wonder these people you meet have no souls.

Anonymous said...

Here's where pet go when they die:

Anonymous said...

anon 3:09--

Look in the mirror, fool. You're the perfect example of which I speak.