Tuesday, May 08, 2007


It's Tuesday's feel-good story. O.J. Simpson walks into a restaurant in Louisville during the Kentucky Derby weekend. The restaurant owner walks over to Simpson and tells him to get lost.

Jeff Ruby owns the eatery. WCPO reports:
Ruby said he found Simpson in the Churchill room of his "Jeff Ruby's Louisville" steakhouse and told Simpson, "I'm not serving you."

Ruby said he did it for the Goldman and Brown families, referring, of course, to the families of the people O.J. was accused of killing.

Simpson was found not guilty in the criminal trial, but liable in a civil trial.

After telling Simpson to leave, he said the former NFL football star was "classy" about it, rounded up his party and left.

Then, Ruby said, he went into the Churchill Room to be sure they were gone and people at other tables started standing. "They all got up and gave me a standing ovation, started applauding."
O.J. Simpson in a steakhouse filled with knives. We'd applaud, too.

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Anonymous said...

Ruby to O.J.: "We won't serve you meat, so you'd best hit the street."