Monday, May 07, 2007


Everette Simpson died on April 3 of smoke inhalation suffered in a house fire in Covington, La. His wife, Estelle, and her brother, Allen Martin, 75, were dead inside the house, but they didn't die from the flames or smoke. They'd been beaten dead.

The who was immediately clear -- Everette did it. The why and how are now much clearer. Everette Simpson had experience.

According to The Associated Press:
He spent nine years in a California prison for second-degree murder of his first wife, who was hacked 16 times with a butcher knife in 1960, and 11 years in Louisiana for manslaughter of his second wife, attacked with knife and hatchet and then smothered with a pillow in 1983, authorities said.
First wife Virginia Hudson was 35 when she died. Her husband was convicted of second-degree murder. Second wife Ruby Richardson died in 1983.

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