Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Springfield police on Wednesday identified the victim of a Monday homicide, only to rescind the ID a few minutes later.

The victim is a 44-year-old woman from Lebanon. She was found in a wooded area in the 2300 block of East Chestnut Expressway, about an eighth-mile off the road. KYTV reports that the area is a homeless camp.

Police released the woman's name at 8:56 p.m. Two minutes later, another e-mail asked to "recall the message," with no further explanation.


Anonymous said...

Springfield PD says it's okay to name of 9:30 p.m....

Tyla Rhodelander


Ron Davis said...

Thanks, 934. Full name from police is Tyla Elane Rhodelander. She would have been 45 this month.

Anonymous said...

At least the woman had the decency to be killed during the week so we could read about it in the newspaper. God forbid she would have been killed over the weekend. The news cycle only runs Monday through Friday, don't cha know.

Desdinova said...

I thought I'd mention I'm taking a bus load of elementary school kids to party with Lindsay Lohan when she turns 21. I'm sure you'll hear about this on KSGF tomorrow morning.

Anonymous said...

Three murders in a week?

I thought getting Cindy on city council was going to solve crime problem? Where is Dems. Libs. and Vince and Ky3 on this?

Homeless Camps--

Is crime out of control?

Maybe Cindy needs to take the streets to clean it up?

Anonymous said...

May Tyla Rhodelander finally rest in peace and know that she still had friends here that loved her! I was one of Tyla's closest friends in high school and now only have memories to remember the fun times we spent together. A termoil life she led. In all that I have read no one seems to mention that Tyla had many medical problems that required medication. Without her medication she became confused. Who was keeping an eye on her? I am not at all sure that she was "homeless" and know for sure she has family in Lebanon, MO. I can only hope that she has finally found peace! Hugz girlfriend! I will miss seeing you on my occassional trips back to Missouri. Cathy