Saturday, May 26, 2007


This weekend, 613 students in Forth Worth will not be allowed to walk across the stage for graduation. They failed the TAKS test -- the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills exam.

At Trimble Tech High School, several students instead walked a picket line, protesting their exclusion from graduation. WFAA reports:
Crystal Martinez complained that while she finished at the top of her class with a 3.5 grade point average, she is now blocked from graduation by failing the TAKS test.

"We know we're not going to get our diplomas, but we just want to walk across the stage," Martinez said. "That's all we ask for right now."

Classmate Chloe Walker agreed. "I believe that I have at least the right to walk the stage with all my friends," she said. "I made it this far, and I have all my credits I need. I deserve to get my certificate of completion."

School officials said non-graduating seniors will have a chance to take the TAKS test again in July. If they pass, they can participate in a separate commencement exercise in August.
Poor kids. But go to the link and scope out the sign held aloft by one protester: Let Are Kids Walk. You bet. Just as soon as you can spell.

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