Friday, June 08, 2007


Gary Edward Rademacher -- a former elementary-school principal known as "Dr. R." to parents -- has been charged with possession of child porn.

Greene County prosecutors on Friday charged Rademacher, 53, with 10 counts of the Class D felony.

Rademacher last served as a teacher at Jarrett Middle School, but sources say he hasn't been actively teaching for several weeks. His name isn't listed on the school's web site. Before working at Jarrett, Rademacher was principal of Rountree, a center-city elementary school.

Prosecutors say Rademacher was nabbed after he took a hard drive from his home computer to be repaired. A technician there reportedly found apparent child porn and notified police.

From a probable cause statement from the Springfield Police Department:
All of the child porn images were of young boys, except one. There was one girl in the suspected child pornography images, and hardly any of the photos or video files on Gary's computer hardware and computer storage media contained images of females. There were 225,628 jpeg images on Gary's computer and storage media, and 520 movie files.
Rademacher is, or was, a Boy Scout leader for Troop 31.

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