Saturday, June 16, 2007


Savannah Larson, a middle-school student in Longview, Wash., had apparently complained several times to school administrators about her music teacher, Ms. Noakes.

Constance S. "Connie" Noakes liked to curse in class, the 13-year-old student claimed. But nothing came of Savannah's complaints.

This month, Savannah took her message to a wider audience. As The Associated Press reports:
Larson gave the first performance in the spring concert attended by about 700 students, teachers, relatives and friends at Monticello Middle School. At the end of singing Rogers & Hart's "Where or When," she delivered what first appeared to be a verbal nod to the instructor,

"I forgot to thank my wonderful choir teacher, Ms. Noakes, for all that she's taught me these past couple of years, like always knowing what to say in any situation, like...," Larson began, then let fly a stream of expletives and obscenities she said Noakes regularly used in class.

The next day, June 6, the eighth grade honors student was suspended for 10 school days, forcing her to miss her graduation ceremony and party.
Noakes still has her job, but the school district says it's looking into the allegations about her language and classroom behavior. Seems they finally got the message.

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MrsThurstonHowell said...

Around here savy behavior problem students have their radar up for anyone in authority in the classroom who might let loose with a word they might not otherwise use when they're pushed to the limit by these kids. And the little darlings will use it to their advantage in a whipstitch. God love 'em.