Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Springfield's bid to capture the movie premiere of "The Simpsons" goes goofy on Saturday, with a public filming on Park Central Square. It's a cattle call, kids, with more than 400 extras needed for a scene "depicting a downtown commotion over the prospective premiere of the movie."

Details from the Convention and Visitors Bureau:
1) Need to meet in the square itself at 11 a.m. Filming will last no later than 4 p.m.
2) Should consider bringing the whole family for the filming.
3) Will complete a release form (Minors must bring a guardian to sign.).
4) Are encouraged to bring creative signs in protest of The Simpsons Movie coming to Springfield, Missouri. Signs cannot include profanity. Some suggestions include: “Simpsons. No way. No how.” “Go home Hollywood!” “D’ohn’t Come Here” “I Prefer Springfield Cardinals Homers.” “Bart Simpson: Eat MY Shorts!” “Dooooughnuts. Nuts is Right!”
Seems they're trying mighty hard to land the movie premiere. Too hard, probably. The theme of Springfield's entry is apparently anti-Simpsons. Sorry, but even Cletus and Brandine would see through that reverse psychology.


Desdinova said...

If we do win the premier, I think that we should go through the old News Leader’s from when the show first went on the air, then go through year by year, and take down the names of those who wrote letters to the editor bashing the Simpsons. Then when they have the premier, line those people up in front of the lobby of the theater. Then have a person in a Bart Simpson costume pull down each person’s pants and spank them in front of everyone waiting to see them movie. I just feel these folks need to be publicly humiliated. Especially the parents who wouldn’t allow there children to watch the Simpsons.

Anonymous said...

He what's a good way to lose this bid?

Put a quasi-governmental group in charge.

Drive out all creativity and fun and make a "clean" family friendly version of this proposal.

death by committee.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like something dreamed up by the doofuses at the Chamber of Commerce (who are only interested in trying to make a buck off this deal) and the dorks at City Hall (who can't balance a budget). It's the dumbest idea ever.

If you want to lure the creative geniuses behind "The Simpsons," recruit some of the program's core audience to come up with an appropriate pitch.

Of course, a huge component of that core audience is the same bunch of kids that our tight-ass mayor and other money-grubbers are trying to run out of downtown. So there goes that idea...

DocLarry said...

anon 7:46: Neither the Chamber nor City Hall came up with this idea. The CVB instead turned to "Springfield native Jeff Clinkenbeard and Kyaw Tha Hla of New York to direct and produce the video submission. The two partners of Hlabeard Productions founded and coordinate SATO 48, the 48-hour film competition held in Springfield for two years.

"'We had to come up with a creative concept that fit what (20th Century Fox) is looking for, and what America will respond to. And we needed something that we could do in this short amount of time,' Clinkenbeard said when reached in New York"

Of course, hiring two non-Springfieldians to create the video doesn't make much sense when there's plenty of creative talent right here. But then when part of the idea includes "the pitchfork group" and "the egg group" and the desire for SPD to participate in riot gear, well, it's sure to be. . . something.

Abnormally Normal said...

Don't be so negative.
I think it sounds like a great idea. I can picture a scene similar to this happening on the actual show. It might just work.
And if it does, I hope some people don't have any trouble eating their own words.

Anonymous said...

Doc, the CVB is, essentially, the Chamber and the City.

Anonymous said...

What the Doc means is the CVB didn't actually come up the plot and creative part of this whole thing. Clinkenbeard and Hyaw, plus the groups of local filmmakers they are working with, are doing that. The shirts at the chamber and CVB don't have much of anything to do with the creative end of the video.

I wouldn't sell these guys short just yet. If you look at what some of the other Springfield are doing, it's mostly a lot of "hey we have a power plant and all this other stuff that's in the show!" The studio has made it clear this isn't a contest to find the place that's the most like the city on the show. They key is to make a funny video that Simpsons fans will vote for.

Anonymous said...

Based on the NL article, I don't have much faith in this crew pulling it off. Several of the named "filmmakers" have zero experience and less talent.

Anonymous said...

The SATO 48 movies sucked.

Hey no guns? lets use knives!

Anonymous said...

Je-Sus! Who gives a crap one way or the other?

Anonymous said...

Somebody show me all of this "creative talent" resident in Springfield, MO...haven't seen it yet.

Desdinova said...

It's here it is just forced underground.

I really think someone should have written a song for Springfield in the vain of the "New Orleans" song from the Simpsons.

Anonymous said...

Wow We got a nice little pack of nay sayers here. I'm glad to see so much faith in your hometown out there. I'm not even from Springfield and now that I live here I have a tremendous amount of pride in my new home. I also have faith in the local talent. And yes I think we hav a great well of talent just waiting to be explored.
P.S. I'm Ryan Piotrowski, one of the filmmakers in charge of this project.

Anonymous said...

Who's paying for this?