Monday, June 04, 2007


Writing a guest column in Monday's News-Leader, Rep. Brian Nieves makes his case for a constitutional amendment mandating English as Missouri's "official language."

Never mind the lack of a similar push to make sure people can read or spell. Nieves lets us know that the English situation, she is near a breaking point:
As it stands, nothing in state law nor our constitution mandates English be used in official proceedings. Any official proceeding in our state can be conducted in any language. If a town in Missouri decided to do official meetings in a language other than English, there would be nothing in our state constitution or laws to stop them. A person might say, "well, that would never happen in Missouri." I pray that's true. But, I'm not willing to risk it. Let's remember the old adage, an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure.
At last, a loophole for our dream: a Springfield City Council meeting conducted entirely in Esperanto. Piedfrapo malantau.


Anonymous said...

Thank god our elected officials are out there to ensure we are not free to speak in Spanish-officially. It's a good thing all of our real problems have been solved so we have time for this.


Anonymous said...

Nieves himself is a waste of tax dollars. Since his election to the General Assembly in 2002, he has sponsored a grand total of ONE (1) piece of steaming legislation, a failed bill supporting school prayer. Of course, he is a pastor, too, so no doubt he's been too busy with the Lord's work to focus on passing silly laws, like a truly reformed Medicaid package that would actually provide relief to the poor, ill and disadvantaged.

Instead, he is probably a believer in the WWJD? philosophy. You know, What Would Jetton Do?

Be proud, Republicans. Nieves is your boy!