Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Former Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona testified this week before Congress. No surprise that he said the office has been politicized. No surprise that he said he was ordered to not talk about certain controversial topics.

Big surprise at the current administration's insistence on lauding the leader. According to this New York Times account:
Dr. Carmona said he was ordered to mention President Bush three times on every page of his speeches. He also said he was asked to make speeches to support Republican political candidates and to attend political briefings.

And administration officials even discouraged him from attending the Special Olympics because, he said, of that charitable organization’s longtime ties to a "prominent family" that he refused to name.

"I was specifically told by a senior person, 'Why would you want to help those people?'" Dr. Carmona said.
"Those people" being liberals, not the retarded. Or so we assume.


Anonymous said...

At least President Bush didn't order him not to talk like he did Harriet Meyers et al, thus allowing the country to see yet another example of getting politics mixed in with, in this case, the health of the nation. Religion too, as in his testimony, Carmona also went on to describe how he was disuaded from even mentioning anything to do with stem cell research any time he was giving a speech.
Hey conservatives! Anyone out there want to defend this? You can always fall back on Bill Clinton. He forced his Surgeon General to quit after she wanted to talk frankly about sex. Bill did it too! Isn't that the mantra these days?

Busplunge said...

And the prominent family's name????

you guessed it, Kennedy.

Elders didn't just talk about sex, she talked about doing the dirty deed.....masturbation, sex with someone who you really love.

Jack said...

Just a note for all forms of media (mainstream and bloggers alike) the term "the retarded" is generally considered an offensive term.

The prefered term is "people with disabilities". This would be specifically true in this case as Special Olympics serves all types of persons, not just those with a diagnosis of Mental Retardation. They also serve those with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, etc.

Not being picky or overly sensitive. The point of the story was well taken and many thanks for the story. Just trying to enlighten all who may read and blog. Most media are not aware of the offensive nature of the term.

Anonymous said...

Not being picky or overly sensitive, but it's offensive to say "most media" don't understand that "retarded" is an offensive term. We do. I think Ron's just slipping because he's spending too much time with the TV news readers.

Anonymous said...

What's the difference?

Mary Helen said...

We don't call people with cancer "the cancers" so we shouldn't call people who have been diagnosed with mental retardation "the retarded." There is a lot in labeling. That is the difference.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I find it offensive that George W. Bush calls himself "President." Since it would be an unintended slur to all developmentally disabled persons to call him a "tardo," I'm going to start referring to him as a "severely intellectually challenged individual."

Anonymous said...

Hey Ron

My name is Steve Ely - I'm an English writer researching into the life of former Federal Prisoner Clayton Fountain who died in the FedMed at Springfield in July 2004.

I'm informed that you may have interviewed Fountain at the MCFP in the mid 90s when you were working for a Springfield Missouri newspaper. If this is the case, I wonder if you'd be willing to share your experience and findings with me?

Steve Ely (

Anonymous said...

No, Mary. You miss the point. My question is what's the difference between a Liberal and a Retard?

Anonymous said...

There isn't a Liberal host the morning show on KSGF.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that should be there isn't a Liberal hosting the morning show on KSGF.

Mary Helen said...

I didn't miss your point. I just thought I'd dignify it with an actual remark.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 5:17 said:
No, Mary. You miss the point. My question is what's the difference between a Liberal and a Retard?

That's an easy answer. The retarded (developmentally disabled) person started with normal intelligence but sat affixed to their radio listening to Rush and Sean for so long that normal brain function ceased. The liberal, on the other hand, kept learning and thus staved off the early onset of Alzheimer's disease.