Monday, July 23, 2007


The kids at combed through Stephen F. Hayes’ biography of Dick Cheney and mined nuggets galore. Our favorite Cheney moment is this one:
He once confused Jessica Simpson with Jessica Lynch. Hayes details how, when the vice president threw out the first pitch before a 2003 game between the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs, Cheney was first informed that “Nick Lachey — a native of Cincinnati — would sing the national anthem before the game and would be accompanied by his girlfriend, Jessica Simpson. Cheney thought Simpson’s name sounded familiar. He asked his staff: ‘Is that the soldier who was captured in Iraq?’”
Dick Cheney ... Dick Nixon ... Dick Butkus. Still a Dick.


Anonymous said...

What is worse than a clueless Dick? hmmm.... A village in Texas missing an idiot?

Anonymous said...

You got that right, Ron. You're still a dick.