Thursday, July 19, 2007


... to The Voice Of Truth, a new blog in Springfield:
I’m conservative but not Republican. I don’t hate liberals and get tired of those on the left who think anyone who disagrees with them is a bigot, homophobe, racist or intolerant. I don’t trust most of our politicians and social institutions. I’ve a Christian who thinks the churches in America continually get it wrong but I don’t think the government is the answer to fill any voids the church has left or caused.
TVOT is kind enough to link to us, so we return the favor and encourage you to check it out.


BillinMidMO said...

Checked it thanks.
Bill Monroe

VT said...

Ron...thanks for the link. You must have a ton of readers because within a few hours of your posting I had well over 100 hits to my site.

Thanks for the link. I know we'll disagree a lot on issues but I also know we'll be able to discuss them in an intelligent manner.